At Baghouse America, we are very familiar with dust. It’s kind of our business! We work hard to create industrial dust collector systems that can give industry leaders peace of mind by protecting both their employees and the environment. One of the biggest risk our baghouses eliminate is dust explosions. In today’s blog, we’re going to debunk three myths about these dangerous incidents in order to empower you to make the best choices for your business.

MYTH: If you can’t see the dust, there’s no danger

  • Truth: Yes, when you can see the dust, you’ve got a hazard on your hands. However, dust doesn’t have to be visible to be present in dangerous concentrations. Additionally, you need to understand that dust appears in some lighting and not in others; that doesn’t mean it isn’t there! It means that the dust can sneakily get into locations where ignition is easier without you knowing it.

MYTH: You need a lot of dust for an explosion to occur

  • Truth: Unfortunately, a thin layer of dust is all that’s needed to be a hazard. In experiments, a layer about 1/100 of an inch is enough to get a blaze going. Even more dangerous, when the fire gets into vents, it can get into new places and create secondary explosions. Even if the air duct is clean, if a flame has started, it can travel through it from 22-89 feet. You need to make sure the flame doesn’t have a chance to start.

Keeping your facility in one piece is easier when you have an industrial dust collector. Come back next time for one more myth and contact us to learn more about our baghouse systems!