Keeping your employees (and yourself) healthy when you run a facility that produces a lot of dust doesn’t have to be difficult. At Baghouse America, we are here to help you both keep your people healthy and to stay on the good side of the law. In our last blog, we explored the respiratory system and how incredible it is. It works extremely hard to keep the body healthy. However, it can be overwhelmed. The good news is, when you implement a filtration system with dust collector bags, you can make a massive difference.

We want to mention several things you can do in addition to installing a baghouse, including:

  • Thorough housekeeping
  • Efficient transport and storage
  • Careful disposal of dangerous materials
  • Replace brooms with vacuums
  • Use wet processes
  • Enclose dusty processes in negative air pressure
  • Blow air through a dust collection system

You may be asking, What about air masks? The thing is, personal equipment isn’t a substitute for dust control and should be a last resort. They only work if the people understand their importance, and they are infamously inconsistent. The absolute best thing you can do for your team is pull contaminated air out. Don’t make them wear masks; don’t try to contain the dust – just get it out!

Baghouse dust collectors filters are incredibly effective. They pull dirty air out of the facility and through filters that collect the particles and send clean air into the atmosphere. Not only are they good for people; they are good for the environment. Contact us to learn more!