Keeping air clean is an important mission for any industry, and at Baghouse America, we are proud to empower companies around the world to do just that. We take emissions very seriously, because we know they have a direct impact on everything around them. Many industries produce very toxic emissions, and without baghouses, these harmful airborne chemicals pour into the environment. Rather than trying to clean the air, we figure it’s best to prevent the toxins from entering the atmosphere in the first place.

This blog will be used to share important tips and insights when it comes to baghouse filtering systems. Today, we’re going to make a solid foundation by outlining just what a baghouse is and why it’s so important.

What is a Baghouse?

A baghouse is a large container filled with “bags” or air filters. It’s attached to an industrial system. Exhaust coming out of the system goes through the baghouse, which removes dust, soot, ash, and other emissions. Clear air is sent into the atmosphere, and the industrial process stops hurting the environment. Our baghouses are big enough for a person to climb in for maintenance and bag replacement.

How Does a Baghouse Work?

Baghouses are big boxes with funnels on the ends. This funnel is called a hopper, and it transfers dirty air into the box, which is full of cylindrical filters. The filters trap particles and let clean air out the other side. The fabric that makes up the filters is capable of handling very hot temperatures, so it can handle everything, even boiler exhaust.

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