1. The Importance of Baghouse Air Filters

    Keeping your employees (and yourself) healthy when you run a facility that produces a lot of dust doesn't have to be difficult. At Baghouse America, we are here to help you both keep your people healthy and to stay on the good side of the law. In our last blog, we explored the respiratory system and how incredible it is. It works extremely hard to keep the body healthy. However, it can be overwhel…Read More

  2. The Pros and Cons of Baghouses

    In our last blog, we discussed how baghouses physically collect particles. Today, we're going to explore the different types of baghouses and their advantages and disadvantages. Pulse Jet Baghouses In this type of baghouse, the air filters are supported by a cage to keep them from collapsing when dirty air flows into them. Once a bag gets clogged with particles, a burst of air is shot into the b…Read More