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Free Shipping: All our discounted prices on rebuild kits include free 2-3 day USPS flat rate shipping with all orders of $100 or more.

IN STOCK. SHIPS TODAY: Baghouse America valve repair kits are In stock and ship the same day before 4:00 PM MST. There is no extra charge for handling.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: Baghouse America diaphragm and solenoid repair kits have a One Year Warranty on fit, durability, and performance. Baghouse America rebuild kits will fit most dust collector valves and will last at least a million pulse cycles. Your diaphragm valve kits will work well or we will replace them at no extra cost. Some customers are even saying our rebuild kits work better than original OEM products.

Baghouse America prices our solenoid repair kits to include free priority shipping in USPS flat rate boxes. Although we do provide all types of shipping services, This shipping will enable you to receive your kits in 2-3 days on our expense rather than via UPS ground or other shipping services that get there in 3-7 days. Overnight shipping is not included in our prices, but the service can be provided at a small extra expense for flat rate shipping USPS express boxes.


Baghouse America repair kits are made to replace the Goyen® RCA/FS/T/MM/DD/CA/millenium series valves. Baghouse America kits do not contain genuine genuine Goyen® parts. Goyen® is a registered trademark of Tyco Flow Control Co.

Baghouse America repair kits are made to replace the ASCO® 8353 and 8210 model dust collector valves. Baghouse America kits do not contain genuine ASCO® parts. ASCO® is a registered trademark of ASCO Valve Company

Baghouse America rebuild kits are made to replace the Turbo® dust collector valves. Baghouse America kits do not contain genuine Turbo® parts. Turbo® is a registered trademark of Turbo Valve Company.

Our high temperature diaphragm valve repair kits are made of viton, and you can special order silicone for diaphragm repair kits needing to reach temperatures above 500 F. The corrosive resistant solenoid kits are made of buna material and seat well during fly ash and other corrosive applications. The normal solenoid valve repair kits come in nylon and seat softer for a longer-lasting life cycle during cleaning.

Baghouse America is a manufacturer of diaphragm valves, solenoid valves, diaphragm valve repair kits, solenoid valve repair kits, and rebuild kits. When you need dust collector fittings you can depend on, we are the answer. Don’t settle for baghouse parts that will let you down. Invest in parts that will stand the test of time in all types of dust extraction systems.

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