1. Debunking One More Dust Explosion Myth!

    In our last blog, we considered two myths about dust explosions, showing that just because you can't see the dust doesn't mean it isn't there, and just a little dust is necessary for ignition. If you own a facility, it's important to understand just how dust explosions work so you can protect your property. It's even more important to get the dust out so you and your employees don't have to live w…Read More

  2. Why Your People Need the Help of a Baghouse

    Did you know that coal miners inhale about 1,000 grams of dust in their lifetimes? Incredibly, when their lungs are examined after death, no more than 40 grams of dust are found. It means their lungs evicted about 960 grams of dust - that's over two pounds! The respiratory system is aggressively equipped to reject dust, but it can't prevent all damage. In today's blog, we're going to look at the r…Read More

  3. Baghouses 101

    Did you know you can invest in your business and the environment at the same time? Even if you're in an industry that produces toxin-laden air, Baghouse America has air filtration systems that can eliminate the problem. Our systems are used around the world, and we are well-known for our dedication to building relationships. Baghouses came as an answer to the massive pollution caused by the indust…Read More