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Baghouse Manufacturer

Baghouse America is a leading dust collection and baghouse manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the air filtration industry. Our capabilities include manufacturing, licensing, and deployment of the highest quality air filtration systems and baghouse dust collectors. We also offer the dust collector replacement parts and cartridge filters that will fit the needs of your equipment.



While the competition uses a universal approach to each of their air filtration projects, Baghouse America understands that each dust collection system and air filtration system is unique, just as our clientele’s problems are. As a leading baghouse manufacturer, our tailored dust collection solutions allow us to do what’s best for our clientele by putting their best interests before our bottom line. Our focus is to manufacture the best dust collection systems in the market and develop a partnership with our customers. We design equipment that not only improves the efficiency of your operation but also improves your team’s working conditions.


Baghouse America disrupts the entire environmental industry by breaking their clientele out of unspoken proprietary dust collection part contracts and offering premium dust collection solutions and parts at a lower cost. This provides our clientele the ability to invest in themselves and create a broader impact on global sustainability.


We envision a new world where our clientele aren’t restricted to proprietary dust collection parts that bleed into their bottom line. We are partnering with our clientele to lead the environmental industry in providing the cleanest air possible so everyone can ‘breathe easy.’ With over 20 years of experience in simplifying the dust collection manufacturing process and offering a cost-effective solution to our clientele, we know that we’re leaving a global impact with every project we work on.

Our dust collection equiupment helps you breathe easy.

Baghouse America proudly manufactures and deploys full-scale dust collection systems and baghouse installations at a fraction of the cost of the competition. We focus on designing the best equipment that will improve your facilities air quality, creating a safer work environment and increasing productivity and efficiency. We disrupt the environmental industry by offering replacement parts that fit most major air filtration brands’ parts such as Goyen®, Mecair®, Donaldson Torit®, and more. Contact us or explore our shop to get started!

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Baghouse America offers more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing of dust collection solutions, systems, and parts. We proudly provide a wide range of dust collection systems, ranging from portable dust collectors to full-scope industrial baghouse installations. No matter the size of the project, you’re in great hands.

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With 20+ years of experience, we have a deep understanding of how your company operates and what your equipment needs are. Selling premium dust collector parts and equipment without the need for proprietary replacement parts and supplying open-source products allows our clientele to save on costs and not lock them into contracts or force them to buy expensive products they don’t need.


Baghouse America understands your unique requirements. We’ve simplified and created a more efficient way of supplying dust collection replacement parts, often by reverse-engineering existing items from our competitors, such as Goyen®, Mecair®, Donaldson Torit®, and more. We are the key that opens your proprietary part jail cell and gets you back to saving more money!

We have to shift our emphasis from economic efficiency and materialism towards a sustainable quality of life and to healing of our society, of our people and our ecological systems.

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Air quality meets social responsibility

Baghouse America set out with the mission to improve air quality control in foreign and domestic markets. To achieve this we broke down the components, examined what our competitors were offering, and started from scratch. We focused on not only manufacturing equipment that increases productivity and efficiency, but also and most importantly improves the air quality in your industrial facility. We soon provided higher-quality materials and non-proprietary parts, allowing our clientele to break free from dishonest sources and save on costs. We aim to disrupt the entire baghouse industry and restore integrity and value in the supply chain. Our work results in cleaner air, long-term relationships, and having a team that proudly acts with impeccable values. We know our customers, and we support their rights to proactive customer service and freedom from high prices.



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Baghouse America proudly partners with their sister company, Industrial Boilers America. Industrial Boilers America leads in providing the development, licensing, and deployment of Industrial Power Plants. In addition, Industrial Boilers America partners with other leaders of communities and governments to foster long-term relationships that create sustainable energy, jobs, and social responsibility. When you work with Industrial Boilers America, you lead the way to zero waste.