Did you know you can invest in your business and the environment at the same time? Even if you’re in an industry that produces toxin-laden air, Baghouse America has air filtration systems that can eliminate the problem. Our systems are used around the world, and we are well-known for our dedication to building relationships.

Baghouses came as an answer to the massive pollution caused by the industrial era. For a long time, emissions were released directly into the air, which deeply affected people’s health and the environment. As time went on, awareness of the problem increased, and emissions began to be regulated. At Baghouse America, we’re very familiar with both national and international emissions regulations. Our dependable baghouses adhere to all regulations and feature a collection efficiency of at least 99 percent.

How Does a Baghouse Eliminate Toxic Particles?

  • There are several different ways to collect particles, and most baghouses use a combination of the following methods.
  • Interception – This method is exactly what it sounds like. The fibers of the filter bags are so small, they intercept the particles and trap them while letting clean air go through.
  • Electrostatic forces – Many baghouses use electrostatic charges to increase the overall particle capture.
  • Inertial collection – In this method, filters are placed perpendicular to the gas flow, and the constant air current keeps the particles trapped in the filters.
  • Brownian movement – In this method, submicrometer particles are diffused through the baghouse, increasing the probability that toxic particles will get trapped in the filters.

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