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Goyen® is sold by Baghouse America – an authorized sales provider for their Parts, including repair kits, solenoids, solenoid enclosures, and pulse jet diaphragm valves. All of these parts are designed to keep your dust collector running like new.

Pulse jet valves are used for various industries: coal-fired power, power generation, air pollution control, and flow processes.

Baghouse America has a unique opportunity to provide replacement valves and repair kits.  Many of these models are in stock, and can ship same day at a discounted rate:  K2000, K2016, K2003, K2007, K0380, K0580, K3500, K2501, K2500, K2503, K3503, K3502, K4000, K4007, K4501, K4502, K4503, K4504, K5000, K5004, K5005, K6200, and K7600

Goyen® and Mecair® Pulse Jet Valves are built to the highest quality standards, making them a best-in-class product for durability and longevity. All our valves are 100% tested for function and leak prior to shipment and are the first choice solution for the largest system builders globally.

A very wide range of voltages is supported by third party certifications and conformities to North American, European, and other global safety schemes. Whether it be for rain tight requirements or dust or gas ignition proof – there is a solution in this range.

Solenoid operated valves are devices that control the flow of liquids or gases. They manufacture and distribute valves that are designed for specific applications relating to the control of Gas, Fuel, Air, Water or Light Oils.

There are two principal types of operation for solenoid valves – Direct Lift and Pilot Operated.


In these models, movement of the plunger directly opens or closes the valve as the sealing disc is attached to the plunger. The valve will operate from zero pressure differential to its maximum rated pressure. Direct Lift Valves are available in normally open or normally closed configuration.


These models are equipped with a diaphragm or piston which provides the seal for the main valve orifice. These valves are used to handle much greater flow or pressure requirements than direct-acting valves. Two designs of Pilot Operated valves are available, either a floating diaphragm which requires a small pressure drop across the main valve orifice to remain in the open position or a coupled diaphragm which is mechanically held open via a direct linkage to the solenoid plunger. The coupled design will operate with zero pressure drop across the main valve orifice.

Both Direct Lift and Pilot Operated Valves are available in normally open or normally closed configuration.


These valves have one inlet port and one outlet port and are used as an on/off valve to control the flow of liquids or gases.


These valves enable the application and release of pressure from closed-end systems, such as the air-piloted operation of hydraulic or pneumatic control valves or single-acting cylinders.

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We stock and distribute Diaphragm Valves in a range of configurations to suit a variety of reverse pulse filter designs. These sophisticated valves precisely control airflow through the filters for optimal cleaning. The range now includes the exciting ‘next generation’ Millennium series which sets a new standard in performance, design, ease of installation and maintenance economy. The range of Diaphragm valves includes:

  • 4 Series Pulse Jet Valves
    Superior performance, easy maintenance diaphragm valve available with threaded ports (T3 Series), dresser nut ports (DD3 Series) or flange and slide ports (FS4 Series). Outlet at 90 degrees to inlet. (3/4″, 1″ port sizes)
  • T Series Pulse Jet Valves
    The high-performance diaphragm valve with threaded ports. Available with integral pilot or as remotely piloted valve. Outlet at 90 degrees to inlet. (3/4″, 1″, 1.5″,2″, 2.5″, 3″ port sizes)
  • DD Series Pulse Jet Valves
    High performance diaphragm valve with dresser nut ports. Available with integral pilot or as remotely piloted valve. Outlet at 90 degrees to inlet. (3/4″, 1″, 1.5″ port sizes)
  • FS Series Pulse Jet Valves
    Very high-performance diaphragm valve with flanged inlet port and slide seal outlet port for easy valve installation and removal. Available with integral pilot or as remotely piloted valve. Outlet at 90 degrees to inlet. (1″, 1.5″ port sizes)
  • MM Series Pulse Jet Valves
    Very high-performance diaphragm valve designed to be mounted directly into the compressed air manifold. 1″ and 1.5″ models are supplied with outlet pipes to length specified. 3″ model is supplied without outlet pipes. (1″, 1.5″, 3:, 4″, 8″ port sizes)Suitable for: Dust collector applications, in particular for reverse pulse jet filter cleaning and its variations including bag filters, cartridge filters, envelope filters, ceramic filters, and sintered metal fiber filters.
  • Solenoids are available in remote mounted enclosures that can be rated NEMA 4, NEMA 7 or NEMA 9.
  • Number of solenoids range from 2 up to 12 in one enclosure.
  • Integrally mounted solenoids are available to attach directly to the diaphragms valves. Full range of AC and DC voltages available.

RCA3D Remote Pilot

Remote Pilot solenoid valve to control the actuation of dust collector diaphragm valves.

Suitable for:
All Goyen dust collector diaphragm valves

Prepare pilot mounting hole in panel to Ø19.3/19.4 (Ø0.760″). Panel thickness must exceed 1.5mm (0.062″). Ensure O-ring is in place before tightening locknut. Preferably, install pilot valves with solenoid on top. For reliable operation, ensure supply voltage is within -10% and +15% of rated solenoid voltage. Replace components within 1 million cycles.


  • Body: Aluminum
  • Ferrule: 304 SS
  • Armature: 430FR SS
  • Seals: Nitrile
  • Locknut: Mild steel zinc passivated
  • Screws: 302 SS
  • Clip: Mild steel (plated)

Q Series Solenoid

Solenoid used in remote or integral actuation of dust collector diaphragm or pilot valves.

Suitable for
All integrally piloted Goyen dust collector diaphragm valves, RCA3D series pilot valves and pilot valve enclosures, and 3DS pilot valves.

Slide solenoid over ferrule tube. Ensure terminals are on top. For QT and QF type solenoids ensure nylon washer is in place. Slide clip onto pilot iron top. Ensure voltage supplied to solenoid is within -10% and +15% of the solenoid rated voltage.


  • Encapsulation:PA-6
  • C-frame:Mild steel zinc passivated
  • Bobbin:PA-6
  • Insulation class:B/130 deg C
  • Rating:Non-continuous use only
  • Clip:Mild steel (mechanically plated)



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