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by Baghouse America

5 Ways to Increase the Life Expectancy of Your Filter Bag

Baghouse filtration systems are an efficient way to reduce emissions and improve the air quality of your factory. But, baghouse filters eventually will need to be replaced and can be an expensive part of your system upkeep. So, how do you ensure that you get the maximum life out of your filter bags to save yourself labor and replacement costs over time?

1 – Use The Right Parts

One of the most crucial ways to get the most out of the parts that you use is ensuring that you use the best parts for your specific application. First, determine how much air you need to filter and examine the capacity of the bags that you are using. If you filter a large amount of air and your bags have a small filtering capacity, you will need to clean them more often, shortening their lifetime, and will ultimately have to spend more money on replacement parts.

In addition to capacity, you need to assess the types of materials that you are filtering out of your air, which will inform what material you need for your filter bag. Filter bags come in numerous materials designed to operate with specific types of air and particulate matter. Making sure you choose the correct type of bag for your application will extend the life and maximize the efficiency of your system. Some examples of filter bag materials and their ideal operating conditions are listed below.

  • Fiberglass: Good for high-temperature applications. Does not absorb moisture.
  • Polypropylene: Resistant to abrasion and static buildup. Low operating temperature.
  • Teflon: Great for situations where you need resistance against chemical erosion. Highly susceptible to abrasion and is very expensive.

2 – Use Automatic Cleaning Systems

Filter bags need to be cleaned every so often to remove the caked-on dust and accumulated particulates. Once upon a time, manually inspecting each filter bag was the only way to determine if the bag needed cleaning. Some systems operate on the premise of a regular schedule, where cleaning is at regularly timed intervals. However, this can lead to under cleaning, reducing efficiency, or over-cleaning, causing undue stress to the filter bag and shortening its lifetime.

An automatic system in conjunction with pressure gauges is the best way to get the most out of cleaning your filter bags and extending their lifetime. Based on differential pressure readings, cleaning will begin when the differential pressure reaches a high enough level and stop when it has dropped to an acceptable level. An automatic system will maximize the efficiency of your system and the lifetime of your filter bags.

3 – Check For Potential Leaks

There are multiple points of potential leaks in your system, each with devastating consequences. One common area of concern is the access door. If these doors are not sealed properly, moisture can enter the system and lead to corrosion, shortening the lifetime of your filter bags. Additionally, leaks in other areas such as metal enclosures and weld cracks are possible.

Leak powder is a common and cheap method for testing your system for leaks. After injecting the lightweight powder into your boiler, it will take the path of least resistance and stick to areas with leakage. Then, monochromatic light is shone into the boiler and will make the powder glow to illustrate where the leaks are. Sealing leaks, even ones that may seem minor, is an integral step in improving the lifetime of your filter bag.

4 – Condition New Bags

New filter bags should be treated with a conditioner to get the most out of their performance. Injecting conditioning agents into filter bags before use can prevent particulate bleedthrough, blinding, and some problems caused by moisture in the air. Pre-treating your filter bags will increase airflow, efficiency, and lifetime while decreasing emissions.

Additionally, some conditioners can provide a flame retardant effect for applications in extreme operating temperatures and have potential spark carryover.

5 – Work With An Expert

An expert in baghouse and boiler systems will ensure that you have the correct parts and work with you at all stages to provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions every time you are in need.

Baghouse America is a leading baghouse manufacturer with over twenty years of experience manufacturing collection solutions, systems, and parts. Schedule a call today to let us guide you in your baghouse journey and help you get the most out of your filter bags and all dust collection parts.

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