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by Baghouse America

How Does a Baghouse Work?

The air we breathe constantly accumulates particulates that one may not see with their eyes. Even so, dust can gather, especially indoors, and the air quality decreases. Luckily, baghouses were created to purify the air we breathe. If you’ve wondered how does a baghouse work, then keep reading.

What is a Baghouse Dust Collector?

Baghouse dust collectors filter dust particles from the ambient airstream using long fabric bags (or tubes). The polluted air will move through a series of filters throughout a dust collector in the baghouse system. The first series of bags that the air passes through works to accumulate the dust particulate. You may typically find this accumulation on the outside of the filter bags. This separation ultimately allows more clean air to pass through the filters. Once this process is complete, the clean air is recirculated back into the facility or returned to the environment more purified.

Types of Filter Cleaning Systems

In addition to types of filters needed, there are various types of filter cleaning systems, out of which there are three primary types one should be most familiar with. These three common types of filter cleaning systems include:

  • Shaker System: This system primarily uses a motor as the source of energy for cleaning out dust particles off a filter bag’s exterior.
  • Pulse Jet Filter: This particular system utilizes a pulse jet filter to send waves of energy to blast the compressed air down the center of a bag.
  • Reverse-Flow: This system utilizes a fan that continuously circulates and blows air into the center of a bag, which pushes the dust off the filter bag’s exterior.

Each of these methods ultimately removes dust from the filter bag and guides it to being transferred to another container.

Selecting A Purification System

There are similar options to a baghouse dust collector for air purification services. One of these other options is a cartridge containment system. Choosing between a baghouse and a cartridge containment system usually depends on which type of application is most needed. Many factors play into this decision-making process.

The bag filters are an essential key to the performance of a dust collection system. Using the incorrect filter type can result in a dust collector that does not meet the exacting standards required for this application. Therefore, using the correct filter is of the utmost importance, and the very first step in deciding which exact type of filter you need to be using for your project comes down to the application you’re using it for. Our team at Baghouse America lends years of experience to work with you to get the best selection for your needs.

Advantages of Baghousing Systems Over Other Methods

In addition to creating more efficiency by choosing the correct filter type, you could also find yourself having to purchase replacements less frequently. Let’s review a few key benefits that baghouse dust collection systems have over other choices like a cartridge-based system.


Baghouse systems tend to surpass other air purification methods by using bag filters that are more flexible and can last longer than traditional cartridge systems. Because of this benefit of durability, you may find that you have to purchase fewer amounts of filter replacements over the service life of your baghouse system.

Withstanding High Temperature

Working with high temperatures is a common issue found within this industry. When choosing the best system to meet this demand, baghouse dust collectors can frequently withstand much higher temperatures than traditional cartridge dust collectors, even temperatures above 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Works With A Heavy Dust Load

When you experience an increase in dust, your facility may need to run through a collection system, and not all equipment will handle a heavy dust load. This is why we highly recommend utilizing a baghouse dust collection system, which is a perfect resolution to this issue.

Adhesive Material Processing

Traditional cartridge filtration systems are not as well equipped to handle sticky and adhesive particles as baghouse dust collection systems are.

They are also not as efficient as having a bag filter better suited for releasing the particulates. Adhesive applications thus require a more thoughtful selection of equipment to get the job done well.

Are You In Need of a Baghouse Dust Collector?

Baghouse America has been manufacturing and installing dust collectors indoors and outdoors for decades. So no matter what your application, cartridge, and baghouse dust collector needs are, we have you completely covered. The Baghouse America team has the experience to guide your selection for the best unit fit for your needs. Contact us today.

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