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by Baghouse America

Different Types of Dust Collectors: Which One Is Best?

A Dust Collector is designed to control industrial air pollution and distribute clean air into the workplace. Adding dust collectors to your facility can improve air quality, support workplace health compliance, and protect the integrity of your equipment and products. 

There are different types of dust collectors to choose from. Read on to learn which type of dust collector is best for your company’s needs. 

Why Use A Dust Collector?

Air purification is essential for many industries, like agriculture, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and construction. These industries may require operational processes such as welding, grinding, or chemical processing. When these processes occur, they can release smoke, dust, and chemicals into the air. 

Industrial by-products, like smoke and dust, can contaminate airflow in plants, manufacturing centers, or construction sites. When dirt, debris, and chemicals are released into the air, your employees could be exposed to pollution. Dust build-up can also affect machinery and lead to workplace safety violations, jeopardizing employees’ health or impacting product quality.

What Are the Different Types of Dust Collectors?

There are different types of dust collection systems. Knowing how each system works can help you find the dust collector that suits your air purification needs. Here are common types of commercial dust collectors:

  • Baghouse Dust Collectors: these industrial dust collectors are the most widely-used type. They are often larger in size than other varieties. For this reason, baghouse dust collectors are ideal for operations that generate a high volume of dust.
  • Bin Vent Dust Collectors: these systems are used to collect dust build-up that forms at the top of silos, hoppers, or bins. Bin vents may use cartridges or filter bags to capture particles and remove dust from the air.
  • Cartridge Dust Collector: these systems are ideal for capturing fine dust. Cartridge dust collectors provide compact air filtration for workplaces where welding, grinding, or metal casting take place. 
  • Portable Dust Collector: this convenient and low-maintenance dust collection system is ideal for smaller job sites. Portable dust collectors are easy to transport and deliver targeted dust collection and air purification results.

Industrial fans and blowers can play a key role in your workplace’s air purification and clean air supply. However, each serves a slightly different purpose. 

  • Industrial Fans: Fans replace stagnant air with a fresh, unpolluted supply. In addition to supplying clean air, fans also aid in regulating the temperature in your work environment. 
  • Industrial Blowers: Blowers are ideal for manufacturing operations that generate chemical by-products. Blowers support functions like ventilation, combustion, aeration, drying, and air cooling. 

How Do Dust Collectors Work?

Know that you know the different types of dust collectors, let us dive into the benefits and functionality of the two most common types of dust collection systems. 

Baghouse Dust Collectors

This air purification system uses fabric bags or tubes to capture dust particles and remove them from the airstream. Polluted air passes through the fabric filtration system, where particles are trapped. This method allows clean air to pass through the filter and distributes the clean air into the workplace. 

Some key benefits of baghouse systems include:

  • Able to withstand higher temperatures than their cartridge filter counterparts. 
  • Best-suited for facilities where adhesive processes take place. The baghouse design is well-equipped to capture sticky particulates and prevent them from being recirculated in the workplace.
  • Designed for high-dust environments and durable filters typically have a longer lifespan than cartridges. 

Cartridge Dust Collectors

This air filtration system uses cartridges instead of filters to capture particulates. In addition, pleated cartridges offer a larger surface area for filtration, which contributes to the system’s compact design. 

Cartridge collection systems offer the following benefits:

  • Great efficiency for fine, industrial dust, and fume control.
  • Compact size is ideal for smaller operations and indoor processes.
  • Simple filter changes allow these systems to be used for a wide range of applications.
  • Cartridges are cleaned using the pulsed-jet method, which helps the filters last longer.
  • Low-maintenance cartridges are long-lasting, and the change-out process is user-friendly. 

Still Deciding Which Dust Collector is Right for You?

The right air purification system can improve your facility’s air quality. Choosing the best dust collector will depend on your industry, facility size, processes, and other factors. 

For over 20 years, Baghouse America has developed innovative environmental solutions for our clients. Our dust collection systems deliver unparalleled results at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. 

Each facility has nuanced environmental needs, and the Baghouse team has the knowledge and expertise to develop solutions for your company. 

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