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by Baghouse America

How Choosing the Right Filter Bag Affects Your Plants’ Electric Bill

As a plant owner or manager, we understand the importance of keeping your operation running efficiently while still maintaining high-quality output. One critical factor in reaching these goals is ensuring that your dust collection system is functioning at its best. Choosing the right filter bag can make a significant difference in your plants’ electric bill.

At Baghouse America, we have over 20 years of experience in the industrial dust collection industry and have seen firsthand the impact that filter bags can have on energy consumption. In this post, we’ll explore the different filter bag materials available, their benefits, and how selecting the right one can help reduce your energy costs.

Filter Bags: Understand the Impact

The filter bag is an integral part of the dust collection process as it captures and collects tiny particles that come from the industrial process. The efficiency and effectiveness of the collection depend largely on the filter bag quality.

The proper filtration of dust is essential for not only keeping your plant clean but also minimizing equipment downtime and maintenance. A poorly functioning baghouse can lead to increased energy usage, leading to higher electric bills and significantly impacting your plant’s profitability.

6 Recommended Materials for Filter Bags

The materials used in filter bags are crucial in determining their efficacy and lifespan. The six materials we recommend include: PTFE Finish Fiberglass, P84, Teflon, Polyester, Aramid, and Nomex. Here’s a closer look at filter bag materials and how they impact your plants’ electric bills:

PTFE Finish Fiberglass

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)-finish fiberglass filter bags are known for their chemical resistance and high-temperature tolerance. These bags have a long lifespan and are easy to clean for extended use. Using PTFE-finish fiberglass filter bags in your dust collection system can decrease the need for energy-intensive cleaning cycles, saving energy and money.


P84 filter bags have exceptional chemical resistance and can hold up against high temperatures, making them ideal for operations that deal with acidic or corrosive materials. These bags can also resist moisture, making them a prime choice for wet environments. Because P84 filter bags have a longer lifespan than some other materials, they can help reduce the frequency of costly bag replacement and cleaning, thus reducing energy consumption.


Teflon filter bags, or PTFE-laminate filter bags, offer significant resistance to high temperatures and chemicals. They can be used in various industrial applications thanks to their resistance to moisture, acids, and alkalis. Teflon filter bags are popular in applications where high efficiency is required, as they allow for outstanding airflow. Their high efficiency reduces the number of cleaning cycles, reducing operational energy costs.


Polyester filter bags offer strength, durability, and long life, with resistance to a range of chemicals and organic solvents. They possess remarkable moisture resistance, which means they can be used in wet environments that produce a lot of dust. Polyester filter bags have a high filtration efficiency, which means they will require fewer cycles of cleaning. Since cleaning cycles use energy, this translates into lower energy consumption.


Aramid filter bags are popular in high-temperature applications and have excellent resistance to abrasion and chemicals. These bags are also known for their high strength and durability, making them ideal for use in industries with aggressive dust loading. Thanks to their high filtration efficiency and durability, using Aramid filter bags can help reduce the frequency of cleaning and replacement, leading to decreased energy consumption.


Nomex filter bags offer extraordinary resistance to high temperatures and acidic gases, making them ideal for high-temperature dust collection applications. These bags can last for a longer time due to their impressive mechanical strength and dimensional stability. With their high filtration efficiency, Nomex filter bags reduce the number of cleaning cycles, further helping to reduce energy consumption.

In Conclusion

In today’s highly competitive industrial landscape, it’s essential to optimize your plant’s energy efficiency while enhancing the longevity of your machinery. At Baghouse America, we understand the significance of delivering the highest-quality filter bags that meet your specific plant needs.

Our customers’ satisfaction and success are at the forefront of everything we do. With our vast inventory of top-tier filter bags and competitive prices, we are dedicated to providing incomparable service and value. You can count on Baghouse America as your trusted partner in achieving enhanced air quality and preserving your equipment’s health.

Why wait? Take advantage of our expertise and unmatched quality today. Request a quote or browse our shop to start your journey with Baghouse America! Let’s work together to find the ultimate solution for your plant’s filtration requirements.

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