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by Baghouse America

Dust Collection Equipment: What You Need to Know

Everything your workplace needs to protect air quality

Dust collection is something you don’t think about until you take a breath full of particles, contaminants, or other hazardous work-related material.

You may be familiar with the basics and importance of finely-tuned dust collection equipment, like workplace safety and healthy air quality. Still, you may not be privy to the various types of equipment available, including:

  • Baghouse dust collectors
  • Dust collector bags and cages
  • Portable dust collectors
  • Industrial fans and blowers

Today, we’ll review the vital details of dust collection devices so that you can find the equipment that’s right for your business.

Baghouse dust collector

Baghouse dust collectors sometimes referred to as fabric filters, remove impurities from gas streams by depositing them onto fabric material. The process looks something like this:

  • Gas stream enters the baghouse
  • It’s then drawn through the bags
  • The dust is gathered on the filter media surface
  • This process continues until cleaning is needed
  • Cleaning takes place while the baghouse is still in use or while offline

Baghouse dust collectors tend to be the most widely used, not just because they’re cost-effective but also because they’re capable of greater than 99% of collection efficiencies.* Is this option right for your business? View our baghouse dust collector’s brochure to learn more.

Bags and cages

What’s one of the keys to a dust collector’s success? Proper filter components! A proper filter helps you achieve and maintain optimal performance.

Fabric filter bags and their internal support system, known as cages, work together to ensure the filter stays open while in use. The right filter bag and cage can not only improve safety and maintain a high level of dust collection but also reduce maintenance costs, making the filter a vital component of your dust collection equipment.

Here at Baghouse America, we manufacture dust collector bags and cages in-house, which allows us to test every item for proper fit, ensure long bag life, and rest easy knowing they meet our high standards. Request a quote for Baghouse America dust collector bags and cages today!

Portable dust collectors

Find yourself frequently dealing with cutting or welding smoke or even grinding dust and require an economical solution to your particle problems? If so, a portable dust collector should be on your radar!

Easy to maneuver and place right where you need them, these handy air cleaners gather contaminated air through an arm and bring the stream into the collection device, where it hits flow distribution plates. Contaminated air is then pushed upward and into the waiting filter cartridges. Purified air is then released, creating a safe, breathable work environment.

Compact, cost-effective, easy to maneuver, and able to meet indoor emissions standards stipulated by the state, our Baghouse Portable Dust Collector may be the perfect air filtration solution for your needs.

Industrial fans and blowers

In need of large volumes of clean air at low to moderate pressures? An industrial fan or blower may be your filtration solution. Luckily, various options are available, making it easy to select the fan or industrial blower that can stand up to your filtering needs.

Centrifugal Fans

Designed for: General HVAC and industrial uses.

Best uses: Cleaning large volumes of air at low to moderate pressures.

Numerous types: Inclined, backward curved, backward inclined airfoil, and forward-curved impeller types, centrifugal fans are used for a variety of applications.

Radial Bladed Fans

Designed for: Wide range of industrial applications.

Best uses: Cleaning abrasive, sticky, or bulky particulate-ladder airstreams. Dubbed “workhorses,” they’re commonly found in harsh environments.

Numerous types: Multiple sizes and materials available.

Radial Tip and High-Efficiency Fans

Designed for: High airflows and moderate pressures.

Best uses: High-temperature environments and corrosive airstreams.

Numerous types: Variety of designs readily available.

Pressure Blowers

Designed for: High pressures at low volumes of air.

Best uses: Ideal for a variety of applications, from light to heavy particulate-laden airstreams.

Numerous types: Range of fan types and sizes make pressure blowers suitable for many kinds of applications.

Utility Fans

Designed for: High pressures at relatively low volumes of air.

Best uses: Wide range of applications, including exhausting, combustion air, and chemical processes.

Numerous types: Multiple wheel diameters and outlet sizes mean utility fans can be found across a range of operating points.

Get to dust collecting today!

With multiple dust collection resources available, it can be challenging to determine the best setup that complements your business. Baghouse America is here to assist. As a full-scale baghouse installation manufacturer with over 20 years of experience, we’re the go-to, trusted source for quality dust collection equipment and replacement parts.

Contact us to receive a competitive quote or learn about the dust collection equipment that will keep your maintenance costs down and the air pure!


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