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by Baghouse America

What is a Cartridge Dust Collector?

Dust collection systems are critical to reducing environmental impact, maintaining healthy air quality for employees, and reducing equipment maintenance by removing dust and particulate matter from the air. The most common types of dust collectors are baghouse dust collectors, bin vent dust collectors, and cartridge dust collectors.

One of the primary differences between the different types of dust collection systems is the size of particulates that they can filter. A cartridge dust collector is a modular, compact collection system that is efficient with particles as small as 0.3 microns. Baghouse systems are typically only equipped to deal with larger particulates in the range of 5 microns.

Cartridge dust collectors use pleated, cylindrically shaped filters that collect dust on their exterior as air flows through them. Depending on the size of the facility and amount of airflow, industrial dust collectors can utilize anywhere from a few filters to many dozens or even hundreds of filters within one system.

As the system operates, particulates build up on the exterior of these filters, and they need cleaning or replacement to maintain efficiency. To help remove buildup and minimize replacements, many cartridge dust collectors come equipped with pulse-jet cleaners. A blast of compressed air is shot through the filter to dislodge accumulated dust and particulates.

Benefits of a Cartridge Dust Collector

One of the most prominent benefits of cartridge dust collectors is their compact size. Because of the pleated shape of their filters, cartridge filters have a larger total filtering area per cubic foot per minute (CFM). This high filtering area reduces the air-to-cloth ratio and the overall size of the dust collector. With their small size, cartridge dust collectors are ideal for interior applications or facilities where space is premium.

Another benefit of these types of systems is their high efficiency. Many cartridge dust collectors reach or nearly reach the HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air [filter]) qualification of 99.7% efficiency as defined by the United States Department of Energy. This efficiency reduces the number of particulates that escape the system and subsequently the environmental and health impact.

Cartridge dust collectors are also easy to maintain. Filters are easily replaceable and serviceable from the outside of the unit, whereas other dust collectors require you to access the inside of the collection enclosure. As a result, save time and cost while keeping your employees away from the adverse effects of the particulates inside baghouse systems.

Cartridge dust collectors often have a shorter lead time and lower cost than baghouse collectors. In addition, cartridge dust collectors are often prefabricated because of their smaller size, saving time, and reducing cost during production.

Who Should Use a Cartridge Dust Collector?

There are a few factors to keep in mind when considering what type of dust collector is best for your facility:

  • What size particles do we need to filter?
  • How much space do we have?
  • Does our system operate at high temperatures?
  • Is our air dry or moist?

Cartridge dust collectors are ideal for small particles, down to 0.3 microns, and facilities that need to save space or reach stringent efficiency targets. On the other hand, there are some applications where a cartridge collector may not be the ideal solution.

Because of their pleated design, it is easy for sludge and sticky materials to adhere to cartridge filters. Applications that filter moist air or tacky particulates are not suitable for cartridge collectors. Cartridge filters are not typically as durable as the filters used in other collection systems, making them susceptible to damage from abrasive particles and systems that operate at high temperatures.

Some of the common applications for cartridge dust collectors include:

  • Welding fume extraction
  • Laser or plasma cutting
  • Woodworking
  • Fiberglass processing
  • Bulk power processing
  • Smoke filtration systems

The Baghouse America Advantage

With Baghouse America, our advanced cartridge dust collection systems possess superior quality and superior performance. With 99% and greater efficiency for particulates between 0.3-0.4 microns, Baghouse America nanofiber filters provide maximum efficiency. With nanofibers, 50% smaller than our competitors and an industry-best MERV 15 efficiency rating by the Environmental Protection Agency, our filters outperforms competitive cartridges in all major industrial applications.

Schedule a call with our team to see how we can help save you time, cost, and peace of mind with the best solutions to your unique manufacturing and filtration challenges.

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