Dust Collector Cartridges provided by Baghouse America are premium quality cartridges. Baghouse America is an authorized sales provider for replacement dust collector cartridge filters, pleated filter bags and fabric filters for dust collection, dry process filtration and pollution control systems. We can supply these filters at a lower cost and faster lead time. Our filters provide high-efficiency Merv ratings and work with multiple applications.

Our products include both OEM type filters and aftermarket units which, in most cases, offer superior performance at a greatly reduced cost. We offer a complete line of replacement and custom designed dust collector cartridge filters to fit most manufacturer dust collector cartridge filter housings. We also have dust bags and cartridges for all types of dust collectors, including Donaldson filters. We will work with you to design special cartridge filters for specific applications and chemicals. In all locations and climates, Baghouse America dust collector cartridges offer you reliability and dependability in the most demanding installations. Whether you are in the power generating, cement, welding, powder coating, wood working, or pharmaceutical business, we have a cartridge for you.Buy pleated filter cartridges today.

If you are interested in investing in a pleated filter cartridge and beyond, call us today for a quick quote or fill out the form below. Our dust collector manufacturers will be in touch to provide you a customized estimate!

We offer the broadest line of premium OEM-specified filters for use in nearly any industrial application, including powder coating, chemical processing, food production, pharmaceuticals, power generation, welding, plasma cutting and more. Always on the leading edge of innovation.

With 99%+ efficiency on 0.3-0.4 micron particulate, nanofiber filters provide maximum filtration. In fact, nothing matches our performance in cartridge-style dust collectors. Nanofiber filters significantly outperform competitive cartridges in ALL industrial dust-collection applications.

  • More fibers = better surface loading
  • Unmatched release properties will offer reduced cleaning cycles
  • Saves compressed air & energy costs
  • Reduced outlet emissions = Cleaner Air
  • Less pulsing & stress = Longer Filter Life
  • Reduced downtime
  • Fewer filter changes = Lower Disposal Cost
  • The industry’s smallest available fibers provide the best available filtration efficiency on submicron particulate – MERV 15
  • More efficient than other Nanofiber filters

Also for use in Donaldson Torit®, AAF®, Airflow Systems®, Farr APC®, Flex-Kleen®, ITW/Gema®, MAC®, Micro Air®, Pneumafil®, Uni-Wash/Polari®, Robovent®, Sly®, Steelcraft Trion® and Wheelabrator® brand dust collectors.

Pulse Pleat filter elements for baghouses: a combination of pleated high-efficiency filtration media and an inner support core that forms a one-piece element that fits directly into your existing baghouse tubesheet. Pulse Pleat replaces traditional filter bags and cages.

Pulse Pleat elements are the original pleated technology and are designed and manufactured to operate in the harshest of industrial environments. With 25 years of experience, more than three million Pulse Pleat pleated filters have been sold for industrial air filtration systems.

  • Requires less compressed air pressure to pulse clean
  • Operates across a wide range of temperatures and applications Increases filtration area 2-3 times
  • Dramatically reduces air-to-cloth ratios
  • Reduces operating pressure differential
  • Reduces collection operational energy costs
  • Direct replacement for bags and cages
  • Substantially reduces installation time
  • Shorter length keeps the elements out of the inlet gas stream, reducing abrasion
  • Significantly more efficient than standard felt media

Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter at near-atomic levels, where unique phenomena enable novel applications.1 One example of nanotechnology is the use of nanofibers as a performance layer for industrial air filtration applications. To produce a nanofiber layer, an elect­ro-spinning process creates a very fine, continuous, resilient fiber of 0.2 – 0.3 micron in diameter that is then applied to a filtration media substrate material. The nanofibers form a permanent web with very fine interstitial spaces on the surface of the substrate. The web collects dust, dirt, and contaminants on the surface of the filter; this offers many benefits over conventional filters built with cellulose, cellulose/synthetic, spunbond, or meltblown commodity filtration media .

Higher initial and ongoing efficiency. A primary function of a dust collector is to control and minimize emissions generated by a manufacturing process. Clean, new filters typically have lower efficiencies (and, therefore, higher emissions) compared to filters with a build-up of dust on them. When clean, a nanofiber layer on the surface of the filtration media captures dust particles better than clean filters without a nanofiber layer, see Figure 1. This performance is made possible through several filtering mechanisms including interception, diffusion, and impaction.

But initial efficiency is only a small part of the whole story. Most industrial dust collectors utilize some method of filter cleaning to manage the build-up of dust on the filter surface over the life of the filter. Each time a filter is cleaned (typically by a reverse-pulse of compressed air), the dust deposited on the filter media is disrupted and an emission-producing event can occur. With a nanofiber performance layer filter, the collected dust accumulates on the surface of the filtration media rather than within the media and is cleaned off with fewer pulses. Fewer pulses result in fewer potential emission-producing events.

Longer filter life. Most dust collector filters reach an end of life when the filtration media is fully depth-loaded and can no longer be cleaned to an acceptable degree to allow design airflow with the available fan in the system. Because of the nanofiber efficiency layer and surface loading characteristics, nanofiber layer filters last significantly longer than traditional commodity filter elements. Longer filter life means buying new filters less frequently, saving considerable money over time. Additionally, longer filter life reduces the frequency of costly operation downtime for filter change maintenance activities.

Flexibility in filter configuration to help solve problems. Nanofiber performance layer media can be produced on a variety of substrate materials and built into many different filter configurations. A nanofiber layer can be applied on cellulose, synthetic, and spunbond media substrates improving the performance of each of these media. The substrates can be selected for their unique anti-static, temperature, or moisture-resistant properties while still obtaining the advantages of the nanofiber performance layer. Nanofiber performance layer filters have been available as cartridge filters for years, but manufacturers are now offering these media in pleated bag and fluted filter configurations.

The expansion of filter configurations and the availability of premium nanofiber performance layer filters for a broader variety of applications means more dust collector operators can make the switch from commodity filters, reducing their emissions, saving energy, and improving their bottom line.

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