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by Baghouse America

5 Business Benefits From Buying a Dust Collector

You put everything you have into your work – managing the day-to-day, staying on top of ever-changing regulations, and ensuring that business stays booming. But did you know that if you don’t have an industrial dust collector, you could not only be missing out on numerous money-saving benefits but that you could be putting your health and safety at risk?

Here, we’ll discuss the top five benefits of dust collectors and the types of businesses that would benefit from installing one so that you can make informed air filtration decisions.

What exactly is an industrial dust collector?

As essential pieces of equipment, industrial dust collectors safely remove harmful contaminants like dust, debris, and even chemicals from the air.

Thanks to the wide variety of dust collection equipment that is now available, business owners have found it easier than ever to find a beneficial, cost-effective setup.

Would your business benefit from a dust collector?

Not sure if your business would benefit from an industrial dust collector? Ask yourself this question:

Does the work I do emit any kind of particulate into the air, from visible dust and pieces of material to minuscule airborne particles or even smoke?

If the answer is yes, then your business would majorly benefit from a collector! Here are just a few examples of the types of industries in which a dust collector is vital to continued success:

  • Aerospace
  • Chemical processing
  • Electronics
  • Food/agriculture
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Medical/pharmaceutical fields
  • Woodworking/metalworking shops

Five main benefits of dust collectors

  1. Improved air quality

One of the biggest benefits of an industrial dust collector has to do with the quality of the air. Dust collectors safely remove impurities like dirt, chemicals, and gasses from breathing air, which protects the lungs and overall health of anyone in the vicinity. 

This improved air quality also makes way for enhanced employee satisfaction and morale, thus reducing costly turnovers. 

  1. Enhanced safety

Dust collectors don’t just enhance the quality of the air; they significantly reduce safety hazards.

What would happen if the operator of a dangerous piece of machinery suddenly got harmful particulate in their eyes? One wrong move could be life-threatening. Or if seemingly small pieces of debris collected on or even near heat-producing equipment? You could find yourself suddenly battling an out-of-control fire.

A dust collector is one of the single most efficient ways of enhancing workplace safety.

  1. Meeting compliance regulations

Speaking of workplace safety, you’re probably familiar with a number of industry-related compliance regulations you must abide by. Poor air quality and the environmental repercussions of said quality can mean heavy fines or even suspended workflow.

Don’t scramble to fix compliance issues after the fact; stay compliant from the get-go with help from a quality dust collector.

  1. Lower maintenance costs

A professional-grade dust collector is a sound investment, not just from a health and safety standpoint but from a financial one as well.

When not controlled, dust settles on every surface it can find, including in the inner workings of expensive machinery and equipment. Over time, even the smallest pieces of debris can pile up and cause significant repair-related expenses. Easily eliminate breakdowns and repairs due to lodged debris with an industrial dust collector.

  1. Protected quality

If harmful material is left to contaminate the air and machinery, it can find its way into or onto the products you produce. Without dust collection equipment, you’re taking a big risk with the quality of your products and overall customer satisfaction.

Find the dust collector that’s right for your business

If you don’t already have one – or have one that isn’t reliable – it’s time to explore your industrial dust collector options. Here at Baghouse America, we have over 20 years of experience and can help you confidently find the air filtration solution that best suits your business and budget. Start enjoying enhanced air quality, improved safety, easily meeting compliance regulations, reduced machinery maintenance costs, and protect product quality; contact Baghouse America today!

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