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Applications of Industrial Fans in Various Industries

In this article, we will explain in depth the different types of industrial fans while explaining some of their applications in various industries. These industries include asphalt and cement, chemical processing, food processing, and power generation. If you would like to learn more, then simply read below!

Types of Industrial Fans 

Numerous industrial fan types are available, with each one boasting its unique selling points and applications. However, here are a few of the most common types of industrial fans:

Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal fans use blades to extract gasses and air at right angles while spinning the air outwards radially. As a result, centrifugal fans can operate effectively in environments that have both extreme temperatures and high pressure, providing a stronger and more stable airflow when compared with axial fans.

Applications include: 

  • Harsh conditions with dust and debris 
  • Air pollution control systems
  • Air conditioning units
  • Furnaces

Axial Fans

Axial fans extract air which is then forced in a parallel direction to the shaft, causing the blades to rotate. They create low-pressure, high-volume airflows, making them a workable fan type that can be implemented in many different environments and operations. 

Applications include: 

  • Moving air from one space to another
  • General-purpose applications
  • Cooling confined spaces 
  • Cooling large spaces 

High-Temperature Fans

The failure of a fan can have a devastating effect on operations, so adaptations need to be made to accommodate the heat. High-temperature fans exist for a high temperature manufacturing environment, such as heat treating, industrial furnaces, and ovens that use convection to circulate heated air within the chamber.

Applications include: 

  • Aluminum furnaces 
  • Plastic, metal, and glass processing 
  • Annealing ovens 
  • Cooking high-temperature areas where other fans may fail 

Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are used to pull excess moisture and unwanted odors from any space. They are commonly found in places where moisture can build up due to activities such as showering, washing, or cooking. In addition, they provide ventilation to areas, reducing chemical fume buildup and removing other contaminants that can be harmful when breathed in.

Applications include: 

  • Bathrooms 
  • Kitchens
  • Swimming pools

Industrial Fans In Action: What Industries Need Them? 

The industries that utilize industrial fans include asphalt and cement, chemical processing, food processing, and power generation. How are these industrial fans used in practice, and what benefits can they bring? 

Well, it’s common to find that such fans are used for industrial dedusting applications. The industrial fans being used in any kind of ventilation system will allow for a fresh inflow of clean air into your chosen workspace or area. In most cases, one would opt for a centrifugal fan in this instance, as they are generally considered the best choice for such applications.

In power generation, forced draft, induced draft, and dust control fans call for industrial fans that can operate effectively at extremely high temperatures.

Another application of industrial fans is their use in HVAC systems. Unfortunately, some HVAC systems are susceptible to temperature rise and drop incidences that appear to be out of the system’s control. However, industrial fans can be used for better temperature control, minimizing this issue substantially.

In the food industry, industrial fans play a pivotal role in keeping equipment sanitary and free of contamination by harmful bacteria.

You can also expect to find fans in duct exhausts too. Industrial fans are an essential aspect of such systems, as they are used to drive away the hot exhaust gasses from a specific area to minimize any associated risk or danger. 

Asphalt and cement manufacturing requires specialized industrial fans to handle and manage the processes of moving, grinding, preheating, heating and cooling.

In chemical processing operations, heat exchangers generate large amounts of heat that must be removed in the most economical and mechanically efficient way using industrial fans. 

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