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by Baghouse America

Dust Collectors in the Asphalt Industry

The air quality that your employees breathe daily may be jeopardized if your business deals with chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foods, or wood. Perhaps most notably in the asphalt industry. Airborne particles of dirt, dust, debris, gasses, and chemicals can be hazardous to workers and expensive machinery. In this case, a dust collector is helpful. 

Baghouse America is at the forefront of environmental innovation, having pioneered the licensing and implementation of air pollution control systems to satisfy domestic and international governmental emission regulations. With more than 20 years of experience, you can rest assured that when you work with Baghouse America, you’ll have a dust collector system that does exactly what you need it to do. Continue reading to find out more about just why a dust collector will benefit your business and employees.

What Are Dust Collectors and How Do They Work?

A dust collector cleans the air by removing dirt, debris, gasses, and chemicals. This process gives your factory cleaner air, which has many benefits. 

A dust-collection system works by sucking air from a given application and passing it through a filtering system so that dust can be deposited in a collection area. The air that has been cleaned is either sent back into the building or let out into the environment.

The Importance of Dust Collectors in the Asphalt Industry

Anyone who breathes in air that is contaminated with dirt, dust, debris, chemicals, or gasses from the asphalt industry runs the risk of having their lungs damaged. Additionally, this particulate can accumulate on or near equipment, creating a serious fire hazard. A dust collector eliminates these impurities from the air, improving indoor air quality and everyone’s safety. 

When dust, debris, and dirt build up on machinery, they may find their way inside and affect the machinery’s operation. This could result in equipment breakdowns and slower machines. Machines that are compromised require constant maintenance and repairs. Asphalt industry dust collectors eliminate this risk, enabling your equipment to operate at peak efficiency. 

During the manufacturing process, dust that is in the air can accumulate on products. The final product’s quality may suffer as a result. However, dust collectors significantly reduce the airborne dust, smoke, and fumes by keeping them away from finished goods, thereby enhancing their quality and raising customer satisfaction.

For workplace safety, there are numerous laws and rules in place. Some of these rules have to do with the air quality and environment. As a result, poor air quality can cost you a lot, not just in fines, but also by posing risks that could harm your factory or have an adverse effect on your workers. Asphalt industry dust collectors help support you in adhering to legal requirements and ensuring the safety of everyone and everything inside the building. 

Employees are negatively impacted by poor air quality. They consequently become dissatisfied and begin to look for work elsewhere. Employee dissatisfaction negatively affects productivity, and high employee turnover can be expensive. A dust collector for the asphalt industry helps keep the air clean and healthy, which boosts employee morale and enables you to keep great, happy employees on staff.

Choosing a Dust Collector

Adding a dust collector could be one of the most beneficial investments you can make for your health and safety. However, choosing the right asphalt industry dust collector isn’t always easy. High-quality collectors are available at a variety of price points, and they do a variety of different tasks within their scope of work. 

This is why it’s best to speak to the professionals. At Baghouse America, we have decades of experience in dust collecting systems, ensuring that you can make the best decision for your precise needs, no matter how big or small the unit, your business, or the budget we’re working with.

Contact Baghouse America to Find Out More

For a fraction of the price, Baghouse America proudly installs large-scale baghouses that are built to last. They are proud to be a game-changer in our industry by producing equivalents for products made by such well-known manufacturers as Goyen®, Mecair®, Donaldson-Torit®, and others. You can initiate the process by either contacting us or browsing our store. 

Feel free to ask our team any questions you may have. We’ll be happy to offer up our expertise and vast knowledge of dust collecting systems for the asphalt industry. Regardless of your application, Baghouse America has extensive experience and expertise to assist you in selecting the best unit. Contact Us today to learn more. 

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